KDP Episode 034: Why Dental Insurance is a SCAM


Welcome back Ketodontist fam!  We’re back in action with a new episode for you today.

So as you may have been able to tell by the title of today’s show, it’s a bit of a different focus than our normal show.  I want to give the lowdown of the dental insurance business, and really explain how much of crock it is.  You may have already heard some of this if you watched the Facebook Live video that I did after I got back from a hearing up in Topeka.  If you haven’t seen that video yet, then here’s the gist of it. In this episode we cover:

Dr. Matt’s experience with his first political hearing

The history of dental insurance

Increasing premiums and decreasing benefits with dental insurance

How dentistry is different from general medicine

How dental insurance is insanely profitable for these companies

How these companies hold political sway

How dental insurance companies thrive on patient confusion and straining the doctor-patient relationship

Alternatives to dental insurance that make more sense for the consumer.


PDF copy of the bill: hb2307_00_0000


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