KDP Ep 041: Keto Has A Messaging Problem


Howdy gang! CBS News had a hit piece on Keto that I just felt the need to unpack. Also, I wanted to give a few exciting updates on what’s going on with my own personal journey to better health.

In this episode we cover:

Why we need to move from calling Keto “high fat”

Why ketosis comes from carb restriction

Does Keto cause your “bad cholesterol” to rise?

Does Keto increase your risk for arrhythmias?

Does increased meat consumption and TMAO worsen your risk for heart disease?

Should Keto and Intermittent Fasting be considered “trendy”?

Why all diets have low compliance rates

And more….

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Resources from today’s show:

The CBS Video: CBS Video
Selenium Rich Foods

Magnesium Rich Foods

Afib and “Keto”

Amy Berger’s LDL and Cholesterol Breakdown

Chris Kresser’s TMAO and Red Meat Breakdown


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