KDP Episode 012: MORE Keto Mythbusting with Tyler Cartwright (Pt 2)


*This episode originally published on 11/15/17

Welcome back to the second part of our interview with Tyler Cartwright of Ketogains. In this episode we discuss:

How people tend to get indoctrinated into dietary “camps”
Why fixing your hormones can lead to weight loss… to a point.
How someone eating 150 grams of carbs could still be ketogenic.
How the body can use fat directly as a fuel source
Who needs to be showing high ketone levels and who doesn’t
Why you don’t need to fear protein
Why you should be focusing on whole foods.
If fat loss is your main goal, you may not need extra fat in your diet
Why calories DO still matter, even on keto
What the heck is a CICO-path!?
Busting myths around gluconeogenesis.
Getting down and dirty about loose skin
More fasting myth busting
Why there is no silver bullet for fat loss
Learn more about Tyler and the folks over at Ketogains at the following links:



As noted in the intro, here is the link to Robb Wolf’s new keto project, The Keto Masterclass:

What’s the difference between the Paleo and Ketogenic diets?


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