KDP Ep 020: Bringing Context Back to Keto and Paleo


*This episode originally published on 4/30/18

Hello KD Tribe! Welcome back to episode 20 of the Ketodontist Podcast. In today’s show Dr. Matt will be talking about context in keto and paleo, and why it matters. Too many people are making blanket statements and are forgetting a little thing called nuance. Dr. Matt also gives an update o week 2 of his 12 week “higher protein” keto cut. Topics covered in this episode are:

Why terms like “low, medium, and high” are useless without context

How people can consume over 100 grams of carbs and still be keto

Why protein should be a target

Why it’s ok to be hungry when trying to lose weight.

Why you should leverage fat intake according to what your goal is.

Why you should focus on nutrient density first and foremost.

We hope you enjoy this episode and we also hope you continue to follow Dr. Matt over the next 12 weeks as he reports back on his own “high protein” experiment.

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