KDP EP 039: Primal, Keto, and Midnset with Lindsay Taylor, PHD


Hey gang! Super excited to get to share today’s episode with you, and just in time for the new year. Today’s guest is Lindsay Taylor, PhD. You may know her from her work with Mark Sisson and Mark’s Daily Apple, Keto Reset, Primal Health Coach Institute, or one of her keto cookbooks.

Lindsay is Senior Writer and Researcher at Mark Daily’s Apple, as well as a Primal Health Coach, author, endurance runner, and soccer mom. In this episode we discuss her journey into primal and keto, running a large keto community page, growth mindset, and prioritizing what’s truly important over being fixated on superficial health markers (ie scale weight or pants size).

This is a very needed conversation in today’s “30 day Keto Abs” social media driven society. I’m sure you will receive value from this episode!

Be sure to check out Lindsay’s website: www.lindsaytaylor.co

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